Cosmetic dentist in Nuevo Progreso Dental Artistry is a dental clinic which provides top quality and comprehensive dental care for everyone. Our dental practice has been performing for over 25 years in the field of dental care and ever since then has received patients from all over the world. Their experience and great recommendations are what made this clinic so widely popular and successful. At Dental Artistry clinic they take every case and every issue very seriously and professionally. The patient’s health has been and always will be their main preoccupation. Cosmetic Dentist Dental Artistry is led by Dr. Rene Rosas and his professional staff who will make sure not just to choose the right treatment for the patient but also to make them feel satisfy in friendly and calm atmosphere. At the clinic they always follow all the hygiene requirements by both ADM and ADA standards, and sterilize with ultra/clave systems. The clinic has excellent equipment, laboratory and location. The staff also speaks English so international patients can relax in their capable hands.


Dental Artistry 

CAD/CAM Modern  Technology computerized in house Lab,at the most practiced Dental Clinic south of the border in Nuevo Progreso,Tamaulipas Mexico       (956)-742-8735 

Located on the first block,midblock left handside after crossing the international bridge here in nuevo progreso tamaulipas mexico| Tel: (956)-742-8735

Welcome to one of the most practiced dental clinics south of the border and in the savefest town south of the border Nuevo Progreso,Tamps.Mexico